Next Microstrategy training starts on November 25,2013

Customized courses

Convenient times - online and in-class
Expert instructors with real time experience
Specialized attention
Resume & Interview preparation
100% Placement assistance
Free sponsorship for H1b + Green Card

Courses: (1) Free (2) Upfront Paid (3) Hybrid
IBM MQ & MB Enroll $4,500
WebSPhere Admin Enroll $4,000
QA: Manual and Automation Enroll $1,000
Microstrategy Enroll $2,500

Get paid while you train!

Stipend is available for Qualified candidates
Pay only after demo class

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OPT/CPT Candidates

Skill Enhancement Courses are designed for OPT/CPT candidates or recent graduates who are looking to upgrade their existing knowledge base of IT. EduTechnix is looking for recent or pending Master’s Degree Graduates. We offer to train you in the latest cutting-edge technologies and place you in a high-paying, stable job.

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Consulting Candidates

Corporate Training Courses are customized and designed specifically with your Company’s needs in mind. EduTechnix offers training of its corporate clients in an ethical environment which promotes professionalism and integrity. One of our professional Trainers will consult with and assist you in developing a course curriculum. We offer Daytime, Evening, Weekend and private online training as you require.

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Individuals Candidates

Career-Focused Courses are developed for individuals who seek to build or broaden a career in the field of IT.If you are unable to choose a course yourself, our Placement Team will suggest a course for you based on your current IT knowledge and skills.

Our Students are currently working at the following clients

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Welcome To EduTechnix

EduTechnix has been a provider of premiere IT Training since 2003, providing top quality and cost-effective training to recent or pending graduates, professionals and businesses. We offer state-of-the-art online and in-class training with customized curriculums to provide our trainees and Clients with the best training possible.

We offer a well-defined and structured curriculum which covers the basics through advanced topics of each course. Your enrollment will include a complete set of course materials, unlimited use of the practice lab both during and after training, in addition to the unparalleled support of our instructors once yourtraining is complete and until you get a job and beyond.

EduTechnix followsand adheres to the USCIS rules fully and completely.Honesty and Integrity are our two most valued principles. To be considered for our FREE training and placement, please submit your CV and Master’s Transcripts to us viaContact Us.

If you are interested in Information Technology Trainingto advance your current position or to prepare for a career change, then EduTechnix is right for you!

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Resume Writing

To ensure that your resume and cover letter will stand out from others being submitted for a particular project, you will receive a personalized Resume Writing Workshop from our Placement Team.

Interview Skills

Our Interview PreparationWorkshop with our Placement Team makes certain that you are aware of and prepared to answer questions that the interviewer will be asking you. This workshop will help you to prepare your answers and be ready for all possible scenarios they may suggest.

Practical Assessment

Projects and case studies assigned by your instructor will help you feel comfortable when you are asked to demonstrate your skill set as part of an interview, and also prepare you to master a Certification Exam.


FREE Training and Placement

FREE training and placement is available to OPT/CPT Master’s Degree candidates and graduates and for those individuals who are interested in our Career-Focused Courses. To be eligible for our FREE courses, we require the following:

1. Your complete commitment anddedication with our training and placement team; and
2. Your willingness to sign a one (1)year contract to work for us.

For all others, each course will cost the full price as noted.If you are individually paying, we encourage you to attend one Demo Class and then decide whether to join the training or not. Please note that all credit card payments are processed are 100% secure.

To find out the current start dates for the classes listed below, please contact ____________ at ___________, or feel free to visit ourTraining Schedules.

Upon successful completion of the course, EduTechnix guarantees 100% placement assistance. A dedicated marketing specialist will be assigned to assist with job placement. While you are awaiting placement, it is expected that you continue to work on assignments and case studies with your instructors to enhance your recently learned skills.99% of our candidates are placed under 3 weeks after completion of training.

Competitive Salary

We pay competitive salaries! The salary that you receive will depend on the training path that you have chosen. The typical beginning salary will range from $60,000 to $110,000 per year.

Get Paid While You Train!

Please note that individuals attending the training course may be eligible for a monthly stipend to assist with any personal expenses. To find out more about our stipend program, please contact ________ at ________.

FREE H-1B and Green Card Processing & Support

Clients/partners of EduTechnixwill pay for all legal expenses related to H1-B, H1-B transfer, OPT, CPT, EAD and Green Card processing. All legal work is handled by attorneys who specialize in immigration law. You are encouraged to communicate to us any questions that you may have regarding your immigration status.

Most of the cases that our clients/partners have handled are F1 to H1 transfers, L1 to H1 transfers and TN Visas.